Siliscar is a subsidiary of Merchant Business Systems (MBS) Inc., a Wyoming-based corporation that focuses on providing you products that are created to help improve your overall well-being, like scar removal creams. We aim at making scar removal creams more accessible and beneficial by providing you with the right information you need as consumers to make well-informed buying decisions. We research and study the products we offer on this site to ensure that you are only offered the best options to suit your unique needs.

Merchant Business Systems has been incorporated in 2004. We plan to serve more and more customers’ needs for products to help promote overall health and well-being. We are in constant search for products that we believe will help you improve and feel good about yourself. In our journey, we were led to the belief that more and more customers should be given better access and information about the use of scar removal cream products which have saturated the market. Because of this wide array of choices, choosing the best products for your needs became more difficult.

Siliscar intends to be the bridge and voice to guide you in making your buying choices. We also want to help you navigate through all the confusing information being spread by so many brands of scar removal creams in the market. We offer only the products with the highest quality to help you address problems like scars that may be having a big impact in your life. We recognize that scars can drain a lot of confidence in anyone which further affects how he/she relates with other people.

We already took it upon ourselves the responsibility to ensure you don’t get tricked by any misrepresentation that may arise in your search for the right product. We intend to do this by constantly updating you about these products’ features, ingredients, benefits, price, and experience of other customers in using them through the contents of this site.

We began offering different scar removal creams online in 2015, but have more than two decades of combined expertise in e-commerce. We look forward to constantly improving our services and product offers to ensure we always meet and hopefully exceed your expectations as our customer.

Our customer service team, led by Michael, Josie, Angie and Clarice, are all more than ready and happy to be of service to you and provide you with a delightful customer experience.


We look forward to doing business with you! We hope this is the start of a fruitful and meaningful business relationship with you as our customer.